Viotek V3 Gaming Chair Cushion – Designed for Gamers, 5 Speed Cooling, Ultra Quiet – Doubles as an Office Chair Cushion



Viotek V3 Gaming Chair Cushion - Designed for Gamers, 5 Speed Cooling, Ultra Quiet - Doubles as an Office Chair Cushion

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Never again sweat the heat during crucial world campaigns and ranked matches with VIOTEK’s V3 gaming chair cushion. Using cooling technology, gamers can enjoy superior air circulation and body heat absorption to keep them focused through every hard quest.

This cool gaming chair pad will let you escort a payload or blitz the base sweat-free. Moisture-wicking technology pulls sweat, heat, and moisture away from your body to accelerate evaporation. The result: instant cooling so you can perform and think clearly even when you’re at Nuketown.

Unlike the previous model, this PC gaming chair pad features 8 built-in fans for added convenience and an easily accessible remote for choosing your perfect fan speed. There are 5 cooling levels, so you’ll have ideal cooling whether you’re starting an effortless training quest or playing a ranked games.

Install this adult gaming chair cushion on your favorite computer gaming chair and experience unparalleled comfort as you destroy the enemy Nexus. Hooks, stoppers, and buckles will keep your cooling seat cushion firmly in place. Fidget and click away and it will never fall off!

And if you’re not a gamer, this ventilated seat cushion will transform stuffy international flights into a relaxing paradise or stressful desk work into a soothing oasis. With top-of-the-line breathable mesh, you can enjoy deluxe cooling when you sit down on this cooling chair pad. Power the gaming desk chair pad using a wall outlet, car adapter, or a power bank and take it anywhere! By using the minimal amount of energy needed to regulate temperature and reach the correct level of cool, this computer gaming chair pad is environmentally-friendly and helps minimize energy waste. Whether you’re farming ingredients or engaging in team fights, you’ll have a personal wonderland in the palm of your hands. Dominate the gaming world with VIOTEK’s gaming chair cushion cooling pad.GAMING COMFORT – This 5 speed computer gaming chair cushion delivers cooling during long quests, ranked games & guild wars
COOL UNDER PRESSURE – This video game chair cushion wicks away heat & sweat, so you can stay cool & collected for boss runs
FITS YOUR GAMING CHAIR – Use the straps & buckles to secure your ventilated seat cushion to your chair within minutes
SUPERIOR AIR CIRCULATION – The gaming seat cushion is made with high-quality breathable mesh for optimized cooling & airflow
LUXURY COOL FOR YOU – Enjoy personal climate control with this office chair seat cushion with the power cord & car adapter