PapaBear Since…(Your Year) 02 Cap Hat New Cotton Baseball Cap Boys Girls Hip Hop Flat Hat HAILIN TATTOO



PapaBear Since...(Your Year) 02 Cap Hat New Cotton Baseball Cap Boys Girls Hip Hop Flat Hat HAILIN TATTOO

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Designer: Hailin Fu
Studio Address: 1136 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038, USA

Hailin Fu Style
On The World Art Stage, We Are More Focused On International Styles.

The Source Of Inspiration For My Tattoos Comes From The Deconstruction Of Chinese Traditional Painting And The Restructuring Of Western Realism.

I Tend To Portray Eastern Culture And Images. More Specifically, I Am Trying To Build A Wide Repertoire Of Chinese Art Characteristics That Look Visually Relatable To Everyone. I Believe Traditional Chinese Art Needs To Bring In New Elements In Order To Stay Relevant. My Artwork May Tend More Towards The National Chinese Style, But My Teacher Used To Tell Me,¡±a Drawing Without Creativity Does Not Have Value.¡± I Have Found Ways To Express Chinese Traditional Art And Literature With A Modern Sensibility. If Tattooing Is To Be Regarded As An Art Form, Then An Artist¡¯s Creative Attitude Must Be Brought Into The Process Of Making Tattoos.

I Learned About Western Drawing And How Tight And Structured It Is. But With Chinese Drawings, It Is More About The Spirit Behind The Artwork. Chinese Drawings And Paintings Are Not Too Tight Or Too Serious, Chasing A Picture Without Any Darkness, Like Pursuing A Bright Future. I Combine Eastern And Western Together In My Tattoos, Which Brings Me Happiness. My Other Artwork Outside Of Tattooing Is Also Based On This Creative Impulse.

In My Artwork, I Often Use Chinese Traditional Symbols Or Other Meaningful Elements From The Past. The Imagery In These Tattoos Could Help Signify Which Nation Or Cultural Identity You Belong To.

Our Products Combine With The Design Of Hailin, To Create The New Fashion Trend.
Include: Clothing, Pillow Cover, Sack BagMaterial: 100% Cotton.
Solid Colors With Cute Pattern.
Size: Hat Height: 9 Cm, Hat: 7 Cm, Cap Circumference: 55-59cm (behind The Adjustment Buckle).
Thickness: Fabric Thick, Feel More Rigid, Suitable For Four Seasons Wear, Male And Female General.
Delivery Time 7-15 Business Days.