WALKIKO Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace, Clavicle and Shoulder Alignment Support, Adjustable for Men Women and Kids Comfortable Medical Correction, 24″ – 48″ Fix Bad Posture, Neck Chest Pain Relief



WALKIKO Posture Corrector Upper Back Brace, Clavicle and Shoulder Alignment Support, Adjustable for Men Women and Kids Comfortable Medical Correction, 24

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If you suffer from back pain and you are constantly tired during the day, then this brace is the ideal solution for your problems. Walkiko Posture Corrector helps you maintain a healthy position of your upper back and it relieves you from pain and ailments caused by a prolonged incorrect posture. When you put on our Posture Corrector, you will immediately feel how the elastic straps gently pull your shoulders into the right position. Using this posture corrector may have different results, from person to person, depending on each person’s habits and on the period of use.

Please start using it for 10 minutes per day and then increase the time slowly to 1 hour per day. Under no circumstances, this corrector cannot hurt you. And yet, if signs of discomfort occur, please contact the seller.


-It helps you get your healthy posture back

-It helps relieve back, shoulder and neck pain

-It prevents deviations of the spine from its natural position

-It guarantees that you will never develop a hump on your back

-It reduces stress and improves organ function

-It greatly reduces weight gain, thus giving you a boost in self-esteem

-It helps you feel and look better, too! A person who sits upright and maintains a straight back is taller, more confident and more attractive!


-It is very efficient! You will notice this from the first time you will wear it. The elastic straps are comfortable and will gently pull your shoulders in the right position, so your body can start getting used to it.

-It is discreet! It can easily be worn under clothing.

-It is comfortable! The whole brace is made of a stretchable material, so you can adjust the tension to your liking.

-It can be worn by anyone! It is suitable for the whole family: men and women, elders, teens and children.

HEALTHY SOLUTION FOR UPPER BACK PROBLEMS – Walkiko Posture Corrector helps fix bad posture and because it is very lightweight, it can be worn under your clothes at home or on the street and even during physical exercise or other activities.
HIGH QUALITY – Primary bnefits over competitors: The unique design of this brace eliminates ill-fitting belts and boning around the stomach and it offers increased comfort, so that you can focus solely on your posture. It can be easily put on, adjusted and taken off by one person alone, without the need of extra help.
COMFORTABLE – Walkiko Posture Corrector is made of a soft material that is slightly elastic, in order to prevent discomfort or injuries. The Velcro tape at the end of the straps, that is used to adjust them, is wide and long enough to ensure a firm grip and to prevent accidental unstrapping during your daily activities.
RISK FREE – Enjoy our Lifetime Replacement Warranty: If your product is broken or deteriorated, we will take full responsibility and send you a new one!