Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug, wonplug Wall Charger Adapter AC Power AU UK US EU Italy Plug Adaptor All in One for More Than 150 Countries (White)



Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug, wonplug Wall Charger Adapter AC Power AU UK US EU Italy Plug Adaptor All in One for More Than 150 Countries (White)

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International Worldwide Adapter Plug product detail as below

The PC material are imported from 62 # high-precision brass, combined with a smooth matte process,

Safety: various plugs meet safety margins designed in line with the respective socket design safety margin,

Uses: suitable for electrical and electronic exports, foreign travel, home appliances, gifts,

Recommended reason: three socket can be inserted with laptop charger Electric

Notebook computers, mobile phones, routers, audio, hair dryer (10A 200V 2200W or less)

Electric kettle (10A 220V 2200W or less)

Our Best Universal Travel are suitable for 150 countries

British Type suitable : United Kingdom, Hong Kong, horse Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Bhutan, Brunei, Yemen, Ghana

. American Type suitable : United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, Panama

Europe Type suitable : Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, South Korea

Italy Type suitable : Italy, Uruguay, Chile

Au Type Suitable : Australia , China , Egypt , Argentina

Specification ,

AC input: 100-250VAC 10A Max

AC output: 100-250Vac 10A MAX (Input = output

Note: This adapter is no transformer function)
Material : PC Fire retardant

Plug type : UK /US/AU/EU /Italy
Approval :CE , ROHS , GB

Warrantly : 365 days
TRAVEL ADAPTER With US/AUS/UK/EU/Italy plug, Cover North/South America, Europe, UK and AUS 150+ Countries(basically the World). Used in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru; UK, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, China, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Korea, Tha, Indonesia, Australia
Power range: Max2500W at 250V ~, Max2200W at 220V ~, Max1100W at 110V.Suitable for Mobile phones ,notebook computers, cleasing instrument , electric shavers, message chairs, hair dryer,electric kettle,etc
Wolrd travel adapter Approved for CE,ROHS certification. *Patent Protected* Built to Last: Solve all major problems of universal outlet travel adapter. Compactness, Smaller Size, More powerful compatibility and security, Beautiful design.
WARNING : This product do not convert the voltae !Before you using this product , check the appliance/devices you intend to use to ensure it has the proper AC Voltage and wattage.And ensure the current is not more than the maximum 10A Of the product
This Universal travel adapter has a 6-USA socket, you can easily use multiple plugs at the same time. It has a special place with a grounded Italian pin. The package is equipped with a flat-blade screwdriver, which can remove italy grounded pin and then converted to European-style pins.