The Hug Chair – Pillow Bean Bag – Black Microfiber, Child Firmness



The Hug Chair - Pillow Bean Bag - Black Microfiber, Child Firmness

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Better than any other bean bag! The Hug Chair is a 44″ x 44″ x 16″ pillow filled with a patented special cut polyurethane foam for comfort and support. The Hug Chair’s casing is constructed of synthetic, stain resistant fabric for easy care and cleaning. Use our it on-edge as a chair, turn it sideways against a wall to use it as a loveseat, or just lay it flat and you have a giant jumping pillow. It never has to be refilled, just fluff it up to return it to shape it it will support your body comfortably for years to come. The Hug Chair works great in play rooms, theater rooms, reading areas, schools, churches, libraries, and more!

The Hug Chair also works wonders for people with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, cerebral palsy, and many other physical disabilities and special needs. All our furniture is filled with a patented specially cut foam which allows for a specific air and foam combination which offers a supportive yet secure, comforting sensation… like a firm warm hug. This feeling helps to calm, center, and focus individual with a wide variety of special needs, allowing them to adjust and cope to the stresses of every day life. The suede like feel and soothing primary colors of our microfiber fabrics are very pleasing to the senses and go well with any environment. The Hug Chair is also a very safe solution to your furniture needs, there are no sharp corners or wood to be injured on. Zippered, removable covers are also available for added protection against spills and stains

All our pillow furniture pieces ship vacuum packed in small boxes, which also make for great surprise gifts!

Please see the image for the color of the chair you order. The pictures are just samples of how the chair can be used.Filled with specially cut, high-grade upholstery foam which provides a comforting zero pressure point feel. The piece never goes flat, just simply fluff it up and it bounces back into shape! A zipper also allows for foam to be added or removed to adjust the firmness of the piece.
Made from high-grade, easy to clean microfiber fabric.
Can be used flat as a large jumping pillow, folded in half as a small couch, or up on end as a large bean bag recliner!
All products are custom, hand-made in the USA by a family owned and operated company.
Great for dorms, children’s rooms, play rooms, theater rooms, libraries and more!