SITTS Orthopedic Posture Cushion 4″, Wedge for Pain Relief and Back Support Seat Cushions Balanced Firmness and Effortless Perfect Alignment Release Low Back Pain 4 inch Integral Skin Wedge



SITTS Orthopedic Posture Cushion 4

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SITTS increases your sitting stability which activates your core muscles in order to keep your balance. This also works to increase your energy expenditure while working in front of the computer which might be considered a good thing compared to doing nothing. A great way to address back pain by bringing back the natural arches to your whole back. Tlting your pelvis opposite of what you are doing daily will re-emerge 3 natural arches- low back, mid and less of a curve at the neck, all after their sitting weight reverses with a simple tilt forward, bringing your weight into the sitz bones. Relax tensions, renew, and restore muscle flexibility in the spine, bone integrity, and hip pressure.

Developed and made in the USA. Pain relief in a simple wedge tilt has a purpose to provide a natural posture for non conforming couches, trucks and SUV, yoga and meditation practice, offices or schools work.


Better for you because its so portable, water-resistant, plus keeps its form forever, lightly firm with a flexible softness while you move in and out of chairs easily. Find posture ease in car trips, games, office, sewing, or most long sitting applications.

Integral skin has 3 holes to allow cushion to breathe when you sit on it. Don’t emerge in water when washing it. Lumbar support cushion is your posture teacher, adjusting the spine for posture correction will help your pain relief.

By using a posture cushion, biofeedback gives you incentive to why posture feels good. Just by sitting relaxed sensory feedback encourages your skills for sitting correctly again.

2n1 bottom side for smoother edge. Teardrop SITTS Serene Comfort Lumbar support is a great addition and check it out in variations for a easy support.

Lordotic postures and scoliosis may not benefit from its use. But I have seen it reversed for benefits of lengthening the spine while sitting.INTEGRAL SKIN is a unique water-resistant skin, surface feels buttery while being a flexible but firm seat cushion support. Designed to tilt pelvis forward realigning natural arches of the spine. Body weight leans into sitz bones instead of spine. Our cushion’s manufacturing process uses heat and cold to create a thin flexible skin over the foam cushion, durable resilience for much needed challenges in office, school, cars, games, or at home. Very addictive sitting quality-made in USA
SHAPE DEVELOPED TO safely float your pelvis providing a cradle of support to the pelvis. Feel pressures in your back release. Learn to have a flexible back while giving hamstrings and nerve impingement, muscle and tendons a break. Office seats “create huge ditches” undoing our natural curves. SITTS wedged seat cushions give circulation to lumbar strains, breaking the inflammation-pain cycle. Pressure relief to lumbar pain and strain while decreasing bone and disc disfigurement.
ELIMINATING PAIN while invigorating your inner cores’ fine tuned coordination again. Feel the new agility that comes returning to a J shape rather than holding your body in a C shape. Orthopedic doctor recommended – Wedge shaped ergonomic design is for treatment of chronic or acute pain, thus relief of symptoms of: sciatic nerve pain or sciatica, arthritis, disc disease, balance disorders, shoulder and neck pain, if the posture is attained through out the day.
POSTURE PLAYS A BIG part in helping individuals, its the new smoking in the office. What is a good size for you? if your not very flexible, smaller is better, chronic pain has seen improvement all sizes. Look at the car seat ceiling, if too close get the smaller cushions. All ages love the 2.5” and 3.5”. But the 4” is a helper to someone that sit long hours. Meditation pillow and longer than usual driving 4″ is great, lighter persons prefers smaller cushions…
VERSATILE DESIGN -Slip in and out of tight seating of a car, or a stadium seat. Enjoy our pillow’s soft flexible firm buttery exterior. A perfect solution for your office or kitchen chair, car, trucks, bus drivers, offices, and seamstresses. Instantly wash! Can be used as a seat riser or lift cushion to increase the height of any seat. It’s portability helps you find extra relief when you travel. Lifetime cushion, that never flattens out over time. Satisfaction guaranteed, watch for instructions