Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors | Desk Chair Mat for Carpet | Clear PVC mat in different thicknesses and sizes for every pile type | High-Pile – 36×48’’



Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors | Desk Chair Mat for Carpet | Clear PVC mat in different thicknesses and sizes for every pile type | High-Pile – 36x48’’

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Extra strong carpet chair mats made of PVC – 3 thicknesses of 0.1″, 0.12″ and also 0.15″ to choose from – with each thickness holding up to an incredible level of weight – 220lbs, 290lbs and 770 lbs respectively.

The selection of heavy load bearing chair mats available are very limited. Normal chair mats have low weight limits and can easily crack, break or snap under pressure or with time.

The powerful carpet floor mats defy enormous mechanical loads. The carpet protection mat is indestructible, it is ideal for large as well as heavy persons and or heavy desk chairs – it holds in its strongest a weight of 770 lbs effortlessly.

In addition to its considerable strength, the carpet-flooring mat also impresses with all the comforts you can expect from a high-quality office chair underlay.

The studs on the underside of the mat snuggle perfectly into your carpet in a gentle but nevertheless resolute way. They ensure that the floor protection mat rests securely on the ground without slipping and adds to increased safety. The highly transparent material ensures, that the protective mat subtly fits into any room decor without bringing attention to the mat and allows for underlying carpet floor to be still shown in all its glory.

Technical Details

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Available Thicknesses to choose from: 0.1″ (low pile), 0.12″ (low/medium), 0.15″ (high pile)
  • Load Capacity to choose from: 220lbs (0.1″), 290lbs (0.12″), 770lbs (0.15″)
  • Transparent
  • Sound absorbent
  • Crack and scratch resistant under standard use
  • Non-slip mat due to carpet studs on the underneath
  • Extremely durable and impact-resistant

Struggle to find a chair mat that works well with the pile height of your carpet? Struggle no more as with this Office Marshal chair mat you can have a floor protection mat to suit any carpet floor – your carpet will thank you for it!

ROBUST CARPET PROTECTOR: This flooring mat is thicker than conventional chair mats and is therefore particularly stable and resilient. It keeps your carpet protected against the notorious dangers arising from an office chair
HIGHLY TRANSPARENT: Clear and very high strength as made of 100% pure PVC this carpet floor mat for office desk chairs allows the aesthetic of your surface below to show through. Flat, dirty and damaged carpets are therefore a thing of the past
LONG LASTING: The hard-wearing underlay is scratch and tear resistant and unaffected by wear. With 3 thicknesses available the chair mat range is suited for low, medium and high pile carpets
MOVE WITH EASE: Regardless of the weight of the user, the tried and tested Glide Control surface of the chair underlay has a well-dosed amount of frictional force that makes your office chair wheels roll effortlessly
HEALTH BENEFITS: Ease of rolling promotes ergonomic posture and helps to considerably reduce leg fatigue and back strain which can cause long term permanent damage – over 80% easier movement of wheeled chairs