Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair – Office-Size 60mm/2.5″ Wheels – Starter Pump & BONUS Latex Resistance Band Included



Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair – Office-Size 60mm/2.5

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Bring your back’s health to the forefront.
Ivation’s innovative ball chair encourages your body to assume a sitting position that’s many times healthier for your back and total wellbeing than your standard office chair. It forces you to straighten your back throughout the day without even noticing, resulting in more engaged back and core muscles. Many desk-bound people report how sitting on an exercise ball at home or work promotes flexibility, core strengthening, coordination, motor skills, and balance. Ivation’s ball chair adds built-in wheels and lumbar support.

Designed by Health & Fitness Experts
Building on the numerous health and wellness benefits of exercise/medicine balls, leading health and fitness experts created this ball chair to improve back health and posture by bettering the daily sitting experience at home or at the office.

Sturdy Yet Squishy – Solid Yet Soft
The combination of a solid base and an inflated ball makes for the perfect hybrid ball chair: The ball builds a healthier back, aligns your spine, and relieves back and lumbar pain, and the back pad and rolling casters add stability and mobility.

Larger Wheels for Smoother Glide
While others use 50mm (2″) wheels, Ivation’s exercise ball chair features 60mm (2.5″) rolling casters for smoother, quieter gliding on all surfaces. We recommend that the 2 locking casters be placed on the back to avoid accidental locking.

BONUS Latex Resistance Band
Whether you’re enjoying the chair as is or removing the ball for standalone use, the included BONUS 47.2″ x 5.9″ resistance band is the perfect complement for many popular exercises – from stretching to yoga to Pilates to P90X and beyond.Innovative Ball Chair Created by Leading Health Experts Improves Back & Posture
Inflated Design Builds Healthier Back, Aligns Spine & Relieves Back & Lumbar Pain
Proper Office Height is Suited for Users 5′ to 5’11” – Supports 300 Pounds Maximum
Included Starter Pump Rapidly Inflates Ball Without Any Strenuous Mouth Inflation
Removable Ball & BONUS Resistance Band Are Perfect for Many Popular Exercises