Grey Child Baby Car Seat Protector- Enhanced Padded Booster Seat Cover for Vehicles – Waterproof Seat Protectant – Extra Large Storage Pocket – Prevents Dirt and Damage (Grey)



Grey Child Baby Car Seat Protector- Enhanced Padded Booster Seat Cover for Vehicles - Waterproof Seat Protectant - Extra Large Storage Pocket - Prevents Dirt and Damage (Grey)

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Babies and toddlers might be messy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your seats while giving them a smoother, more comfortable ride.

When you’ve got kids, you know firsthand how quick your car gets dirty on the inside. But now, thanks to the Glangers Car Seat Protector it doesn’t matter if they’ve got sticky hands from daycare, spill their sippy cup full of their favorite juice, or the hot summer sun is pouring into your backseat, we can protect your vehicle from all of life’s crumbs, mishaps and messy stains.


More than just the best seat protector for vehicles, the b> Glangers Car Seat Protector also offers a more comfortable, safe ride for your baby thanks to the extra anti-slip padding on the bottom and the secure easy installation design. Great for messy eaters and the occasional accident, our waterproof seat mats give you more protection around town or long trips to grandma’s house. Make travel easier and enjoy a little peace of mind; get our car seat protector today.


Product Details:

  • Perfect for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs and More
  • Waterproof, Anti-Slip, Cushioned Bottom
  • Protects Seats from Scratches, Liquids and Fading
  • Easy Installation for Swapping Seats or Vehicles
  • Features Extra Large Storage Bag
  • Material: Gray PU Leather and Dark Gray Oxford Fabric
  • Size: 48cm wide, 53cm tall backing, 43 cm long seat cover, 26 cm edge protector

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Glangers is dedicated to providing the very car seat protector for your growing child, which is why each order is backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Protect your car and your growing child with a car seat cover that offers functionality, style and durability; click ‘Add to Cart’ above to get yours today!

ENHANCED CARSEAT PROTECTOR – The Glangers seat protector offers improved protection against indentions, fading, cracking, or damage caused by baby seats or toddler booster seats. Great for fabric or leather seats, you won’t find a better way to keep your car looking newer, longer.
SUPERIOR CHILD PROTECTION – Our vehicle seat protectors offer improved child safety features due to their durable design and padded, anti-slip bottom. This allows you to secure car seats more effectively, especially on leather, to ensure they don’t slip or slide while stopping, turning or while your vehicle is in motion.
STYLISH, CAR FRIENDLY COLOR – Each of our seat covers is made using a combination of durable, gray PU leather and comfortable, dark gray Oxford fabric, making sure it matches the interior of your vehicle more easily while also not detracting from that adorable car seat for boys or girls.
QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION – Extremely lightweight and portable, our car seat protector can attach to your headrest and secures to the seat quickly, which makes it easy to move around in your vehicle or from multiple cars. You can also save yourself the hassle and just buy two!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – It’s important that our car seat protectors are perfect not just for you, but for your growing baby. As such, if you aren’t absolutely in love with our product, simply return it within 30 days and we’ll issue you a no-questions-asked refund.