Door Stop – Low Profile Wedge Shaped Door Stopper with Brushed Stainless Steel Handle and Hook Accessory by Everything is Play



Door Stop - Low Profile Wedge Shaped Door Stopper with Brushed Stainless Steel Handle and Hook Accessory by Everything is Play

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Life Should be Fun
At Everything is Play, we know just about anything can be used as a stopper to keep your doors open or closed. We also know you don’t want to settle for something made of cheap looking plastic or low cost materials that will fall apart after one or two uses. That is why this door stopper is not only designed to fit the style of your home or office, but to stand out and shine as a top quality alternative to other more ordinary models.

Useful Even When it’s Not
For those of you who do not want to keep your new stop firmly wedged under the door all the time, we have included a simple, attractive hook as a convenient storage solution. Your classy new hook is easy to mount with the included screws and hardware. Another option could be to use double stick tape, but we didn’t think it looked very nice and didn’t include any. Either way, we wanted to help make sure your new door stop doesn’t get lost when it’s not being used.

More to Come
Some will say, “That’s good and all, but it’s too basic. I need a taller one.” Well, we hear you and feel your pain. We would like to develop a larger version to be used on doors with bigger gaps, but we’re not there yet. For now, we suggest you buy two and stack them. Hey, let us know and you can even get a discount for ordering more than one!

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We want you to be happy because you deserve to be happy. At this price, you are getting a great deal. It may not be on sale from $29.99, but we think it’s a little outrageous to think anyone would normally charge that much for a door stopper. Along with this great product comes our exceptional customer support. Let us know how we can help and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Life can be great so click the “Add to Cart” button now!

HIGH QUALITY SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Rubber will not scratch floors, walls, or doors. Industrial feel is durable and long-lasting so it won’t crumble from regular use. Stainless steel handle attached to the door stop is strong enough to be kicked under the heaviest doors without being damaged.
STYLISH DESIGN: Modern and sleek. Engineered to be functional, attractive, and fun. Decorative handle allows for easy and convenient hanging storage on the included matching stainless steel hook.
VERSATILE: Use on all flooring surfaces including carpet, wood, tile, stone, concrete, laminate, and linoleum. Also great with all door types like metal, wood and glass. For those slick surfaces, give it a gentle nudge to make sure it’s firmly wedged between the door and ground then use the handle to remove it with ease when you’re finished.
SIZED WITH YOU IN MIND: Measures approximately 4.75″ (12 cm) long x 2″ (5 cm) wide x 1.25″ (3 cm) tall. Ideal for doors with up to a one inch bottom gap or can be used in the door jamb to keep doors from slamming shut. Big enough to fit most standard doors without being so large it gets in the way.
SHIPPED TO YOU: Available for free shipping with Amazon Prime or with qualifying orders. If that doesn’t apply to you, it’s still a lower cost than some of the other options.