BodyHealt Self-Powered Chair Lift for Independent Standing Up with Non-Slip Cushion, 80lbs-230lbs


BodyHealt Self-Powered Chair Lift for Independent Standing Up with Non-Slip Cushion, 80lbs-230lbs

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Some days we could all use a little extra boost to get us on our feet and ready to tackle our day. Bodyhealt’s Chair Lift provides ease of standing up for seniors and anyone that might need it, and peace of mind to their families and loved ones.

• Senior Citizens
• Handicapped
• Sufferers of Joint or Muscle Strain
• People with decreased mobility
• Anyone with decreased upper or lower body strength

It’s time to start getting everyday tasks done without the stress, pain and strain that comes with these conditions. Even simple tasks such as getting up and down from armchairs and sofas can be an irritating chore, and our chair lift is here to help.

Bodyhealt’s Seat Lift allows you to stay active and independent! Stand and sit comfortably without additional assistance!

– Durable Polycarbonate
– Non-Slip
– Self-Powered
– Helps Relieves Stress & Strain
– Washable Cover
– Easy To Clean
– Available In Different Weight Sizes

Our seat lift curves to a flat surface that lifts you up on a level plane with a self powered spring that serves as a lifting mechanism, releasing automatically when you begin to stand. There is no need for batteries or electricity. This compact seat lift can either be kept at home or taken with you on the road. It’s made from a durable polycarbonate material with a non slip fabric to prevent accidents and ensure long lasting performance. It is waterproof and easy to clean by wiping it down with mild soap and water.

We understand that no two people are alike, which is why we made our seat lift in TWO sizes:

– 80 – 230 lb Weight Limit
– 195 – 350 lb Weight Limit

This seat lift is also helpful for caregivers or family members who need help transferring patients. Pick up your BodyHealt seat lift today and be safe and independent!PROVIDE SAFETY: This easy chair lift is the perfect worry free accessory for seniors, handicapped, or anyone that has difficulty standing up. Comfortable to sit in and compatible to fit just about anywhere.
STAND UP WITH EASE: Self powered spring releases automatically when starting to stand up, providing just the right amount of safe, gentle assistance needed. Chair lift provides a comfortable seat.
CONVENIENCE & COMFORT: Made of durable, non-slip materials, this seat accessory is a must-have for those who need it. Easy to carry, provides comfort and independence wherever it may be needed..
100% WATERPROOF: Cover is 100% machine washable and waterproof. The comfortable foam cushion is water resistant and can easily be cleaned with some water and soap.
AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT WEIGHT CAPACITIES: BodyHealt Chair Lift for the elderly is available for different weight capacities: Choose from 80lb – 230lb or 195lb – 350lb.