Best Baby Bath Tub made of Eco-Friendly BPA-free Food Grade Material, Body Engineered with Anti Slip Surface and Comfortable Back Support, Safe for Boys & Girls!



Best Baby Bath Tub made of Eco-Friendly BPA-free Food Grade Material, Body Engineered with Anti Slip Surface and Comfortable Back Support, Safe for Boys & Girls!

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🛀 Do you want to give your baby safe baths?

🛀 Are you looking for an awesome baby shower gift?

🛀 Tired of that low quality, unsatisfactory bathtub?

🛀 Looking for a perfectly comfortable tub for your baby?

Then look no further, our supreme Newborn Baby Tub is exactly what you are looking for.


💈 Our bath is ergonomically designed to gently and comfortably hold your baby for safe and enjoyable bathing experience.

💈 Featuring a sleek, stylish, spacious design, this bathtub will allow your baby to grow into the bathtub. This Mini-bathtub is a must have for all mothers.


🛡 Because we value your baby, we designed our Bathtub for Newborns with Top Grade, BPA-free, non-toxic PP plastic, ensuring it is completely safe to your baby.


🎈 Our Infant bathtubs Boasts a one of a kind slip resistant armrest design and a carefully constructed non-slip bottom surface. Safely supports your babys legs preventing him/her from slipping.


🚿 This outstanding Kids Bathtub is made with a uniquely contoured shape perfect for supporting your babys arms and legs. We feature a custom design for soaps and other bathing essentials. We ensure that the edges of this bathtub are superbly smoothed for safe baths.

🚿 Fitted with a funny cartoon design to make bath moments more exciting.

🚿 Fitted with a flush drain plug that conveniently drains out water, and makes this kids tub easy to clean.

🌈 SUPERB NON-SLIP DESIGN: This Infant Tub is uniquely designed with slip-resistant armrests to ensure that your baby can stay in the ideal bathing position. With a non-slip bottom surface construction, our kid’s bathtub offers great grip & safe support to your baby’s legs preventing them from slipping underwater.
🌟 DURABLE, PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: We design our Newborn mini-bathtubs with superior quality, Top Grade PP material that ensures you will enjoy a long-lasting, satisfying use. Perfect unisex design for boys/ girls. Order Now!
🌴 COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With a uniquely contoured shape this baby bathtub offers great support for your adorable baby’s arms and legs while you wash him/her. Made with a stylish body engineering to ensure that your baby sits comfortably in this amazing bathtub and enjoys their baths.
👼 SAFE, KID FRIENDLY: We design all our newborn baby tubs with Food grade, BPA-free, non-toxic materials that are safe for your baby’s skin to ensure you give him/her worry-free baths. With a smoothened edge design this Bathtub ensures your kid won’t get hurt while enjoying cleaning up.
🌺 GREAT SIZE, EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Featuring dimensions: 81.5×53.5x25cm, our toddlers bathtub can be conveniently used as the kid grows. Designed with an innovative flush drain plug that makes this kid’s bathtub easy to drain after use or clean for storage.