Baby Swimming Pool Floating Inflatable Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Children Chair Seat Floating Parent and Baby



Baby Swimming Pool Floating Inflatable Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Children Chair Seat Floating Parent and Baby

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Mother and child heart of the five major benefits:

Parenting: parents in the water can be synchronized with the baby’s skin to add interaction, parent-child swimming boat to make you and the baby into a whole and with the movement
Fitness: swimming in the water so that the baby experience a lot of muscle groups, to speed up the baby’s physical development and intellectual development, to help your baby faster grasp of land sports skills.
Puzzle: Science shows that swimming has a stimulating effect on the back of the brain, keep the baby’s overall EQ and IQ much higher than the baby without swimming.
Sociality: When the baby and the parents together, the baby will see the parents on the basis of learning to imitate, so as to learn to share, the courage to try new skills and other social advantages.
Recreational: swimming in the water to allow babies to feel the independence of the early movement, enhance self-confidence and trust, with entertainment.

Specifications: (due to measurement technology, inflatable full of reasons, please allow the following size there is garbage error)

Expanded outside diameter approx. 37.4X22.05in

The baby can take up about 9.84X9.84in of space

The inner ring is about 8.7in adult size, but the inside adult height is open and suitable for most parents (less than 85kg).

Material: PVC plastic (no damage bady)

Diameter: 40 x 28in

Weight: 706g

Load: 15kg

Material: Healthy PVC (no damage), apply to 0-18 months baby

The Preferred Material, the use of environmentally friendly and thicker PVC Material, non-toxic without any irritating smell, the baby bite no problem
Fashionable, parent-child swim ring fashionable, full of personality, the baby playing water safety guards
Height up the small back, deepen the pocket to prevent the baby outpost, color ring and built-in bells for the baby to play, split-type laps and fat can be used fat parents, thickening of environmentally friendly materials, parents can buy
To avoid the baby sitting alone in the water, Mom and Dad often worried about the occurrence of rollover. With the mother and son with the circle, my mother can be like the picture on the baby hanging in the waist to enjoy. Baby circle there is a handrail, followed by a comfortable back, give the baby a good protection, you can also let the baby rest on the rest, with this small back as long as the baby can go to swim!
This is not a life-saving device. The baby can only be used in shallow water, should be under the supervision of adults, do not let the children unattended.